Bowel Cancer Australia

Published On: 01/06/2022

June is the month that Bowel Cancer Australia promotes as Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Bowel cancer, according to Bowel Cancer Australia, is Australia’s second deadliest cancer, and claims the lives of 5,255 people every year In Australia.

 Bowel Cancer awareness month is designed to raise funds for diagnosis, prevention, research, and quality treatment for those affected by Bowel Cancer in Australia.

One way of showing your support for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Red Apple Day is to buy a Virtual Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon or by adding the Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon to your Facebook profile picture. Or you could plan a fundraiser for Red Apple Day.

Red Apple Day is Wednesday 15th June 2022.

See Bowel Cancer Australia website for details: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – Bowel Cancer Australia and for information on Red Apple Day: Bowel Cancer Australia – Bowel Cancer Australia

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